NEW TORQUE CONVERTER installed and it locks up part of the time and not part of the time?

if i turn engine off then back on it will lock up , then it will start to slip, then nothing in forward or reverse, shut it down and restart and its fine , but only for a minute, help


i put one quart of atf in before install, is that enough

Update 2:

chevy 700 R 4, also just put a new upgrade kit in pump

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    Check your transmission fluid level. NO 1 quart of ATF is not enough. You don't have enough trans fluid for the trans to work. If the fluid level is alright your trans is bad.

  • 1 decade ago

    a lock up torque converter will still be a torque converter. if the lock up portion is bad, the trans will still go forward, reverse like normal. if it sometmes doesnt do anything, then its not the torque converter thats's something else internal to the trans. you don't say what kind of vehicle you have, so i can't help. i don't understand why people on here don't give any information on what vehicle they are talking about. almost like they expect you to read their minds or something.

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    Sounds like an electrical problem. Could be a wire not plugged in or a wire that was cut and is shorting out. Did I say I hated locking torque converters.

  • 1 decade ago

    did you fill it with fluid before it was installed ,if it came from a junk yard it could be bad ,but if it has no fluid it will burn up very quickly . i worked a a trans mission repair shop for over 2 years and ran into plenty of people who installed them with out puting any fluid in them and they burned up , there is no way to put fluid in them once they are installed the yoke acts as a seal .

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  • 1 decade ago

    was the torque converter filled with atf befor installed??

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