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How can I introduce a new adult male cat into a house with another male and 2 female adults?

My brother had his big orange cat for 9 years as the only pet in the house. His one-year-old son had some issues and, long story short, I took the cat. He is now living with my 15 year old female, 9 yr male, and 3 yr female. Mine are much smaller than him. He attacks them regularly, and has my little one so afraid that she won't come downstairs. Is there anything I can do to help them work things out? I can't give him up - he has a medical condition that would make it difficult at best for him to get adopted. My 15 yr old doesn't care too much. My boy is getting beat up, and the new guy is strutting around like he owns the place. Any ideas???


My 15 yr old cat is OK with him. My 3 yr old female cat is terrified, and my 9 yr old male cat is getting attacked. Should I let the little one stay upstairs until she's ready to come down?

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    I would use some flower essences with them. I just checked Dr. Jean Hovfe's site and she has a three bottle set for $40 (no shipping or handlind charges). That includes Bully Remedy for the bully and something to strengthen the spirit of the female cat who is hiding out upstairs and something you can mix up and use as a spray for the general atmosphere.

    I have recently had the same problem with a new cat and have used the Bach essence Vine on him. I have been applying it for almost two weeks and the aggression has much diminished. I am sure that Dr. Hovfe has Vine in her Bully Remedy and other things for that problem. I didn't want to wait a week or ten days for mail delivery as the Vine was available at the local health food store.

    You get directions for use when the bottles come. The key to using essences is frequency of application rather than amount as they are energetic in nature and not like drugs or medicines.

    Personally I don't use all of her directions. I have found the best way to treat is to put them on the cat's fur between their ears. You would apply at least four times a day initially for at least ten days and then ease off when you are satisfied there has been improvement.

    Feliway is best used with the diffuser - that was $40 from the vet and $30 from the pet discount store and you need to have one in all the rooms the cats frequent which can run up to $100. So the essences are comparable in price and I think more effective.

    With the Christmas mailing crunch you might not get the essences for ten days to two weeks - they are mailed from Colorado. If you want to spend an extra $15 you can get Vine from a health food store and start on the bully right away.

    You simply shake the bottle well and put three to four drops on the cat at least four times a day.

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    Cats learn to socialize as kittens not adults, which accounts for their personality. Also, cats are nearly impossible to train.

    The best thing you can do is interfere when they come to a threatening distance from each other. Try to provide them with treats when they are in each others sights. It might distract them for a short while and maybe they'll just accept each others presence in the future.

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    just get them to know each other. give your people treats to give the cat and make the people be friendly

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