Can someone tell me about hindu-american marriage?

I have met hindu indian man and I am american white woman. We are getting into relationship and possible marriage. How would this be looked at by hindus and caucausians alike? Can it work?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    everything is possible and you really love this man if you are already insecure it wont work. is better to ask your own near family what do you think of this relation and to ask your future in-laws than to ask strangers.

  • rostov
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    1 decade ago

    According to my former boss who is hindu yes and it has.

    For some reason tho, indian families are much more protective about their daughters, at least the ones I know.

    Still, according to my former boss, you can find all spectra in Indian society from utra conservative to fairly liberal minded on these things. Stands to reason that same can be said for families in US.

    As for caucasions? These days, most of us, really don't care but older generation, (and the occasional right wing group), have different views.

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