How is child support figured in PA?

I heard it goes on what the parents makes, and what they could make? My sons father had a masters degree and a $25/hour job but chose to only work part time for the past 2 years. Now he owns his own business and im not sure how you even figure income when you own a business. He claims I would be lucky to get $400 a month for my son. My son is almost 2, and we are just now considering child support due to our not so good circumstances. Any information would be helpful, thank you!


Sorry, bad typing. He HAS a masters degree, not had.

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    Here are two resources you should find helpful:

    Essentially, it will be up to the judge to determine how much income your son's father is making based on a number of factors.

    He'll then apply this schedule:

    You should probably consult an attorney to deal with this for you.

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    each and each county has a kinfolk kinfolk Dept. so you might touch. it particularly is thoroughly unfastened and the two part would be asked to fulfill and share finance circumstances. they are going to ask for each SS# and touch his/her worker'r and get W-2 information to tutor modern and previous information. Dom. Rel. provides you with some theory of fee. If an settlement can't be reached by making use of the two you and he, then a court docket date would be set. court docket value's will in many situations be chop up by making use of the two one in each and every of you. A decide will ask if an settlement has been reached if no longer he will take in count form the two earnings's, who will pay the costs consisting of well-being care, nutrition, shelter and the different reoccuring costs for the youngster. An lawyer isn't mandatory, yet in many situations reported, in simple terms sometimes mandatory nonetheless. yet afterwards you will see an lawyer is a waste of money in this occasion by using fact the decide comes to a decision each and every thing. lawyer's would say some words to influence you and tutor there in contact to earn there funds. One suggestion circulate to a consultation (sometimes in simple terms 50.00) and tell lawyer what you think of he makes and he will supply you a concept of fee, that provides you with some bargaining information to ask for help from the youngster's father. On substantial ingredient a decide will verify out is, is the youngster in college or day care, if so do mothers and fathers stay in the comparable college dist. or area , the place does the youngster spend nights(would not rely the place they are in the process the day, it relatively is the place they sleep is the hardship). finally the State of Pa. has a internet web site to assist get an theory of fee, plausible decrease than Dom. Rel yet unsure. additionally remember the money is for the youngster, (nutrition, clothing,roof over head) no longer for the amassing confirm to purchase there lots desiring issues. even nonetheless no state ask's for information of what the money is spent on. good luck.

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