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13 days late, 4 negative tests, what else could be wrong?

i have some cramping like its going to come on. partner never came in me, im so worried im shaking! my month before i was late was very stressful. i believe round the time of supposed ovulation i was on various planes scared to death, so maybe that has something to do with it? im hoping im not. the tests were first response the ones that detect it early. i took the latest one on the 10th day missed


thank you for all the advice. i can relax a little bit today and not just sit in bed and be ridiculously scared :( maybe ill try doing something to stop thinking about it. and it will come

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    Stress, travel and illness can definitely cause delayed ovulation, which can delay your entire cycle. It's one of the survival mechanisms that God made us with, so that if we're in a dangerous situation or in poor health or such, we don't have a pregnancy to increase the stress on our bodies. If you're 13 days late and you actually were pregnant, I think it would definitely show up on a pregnancy test by now. Try to relax, give it another week or two, and if your period still doesn't come see a doctor to rule out pregnancy completely with a blood test and rule out any hormonal problems.

  • This much stress over a possible pregnancy.

    do you know how babys are made?

    Too late for the morning after pill?

    I hope you like children. But if you dont, you could always have an abortion.Of course there would be a lot of guilt to that. But there are classes to help you to get over that guilt.

    You could ask your mom what to do. of course that could mean she wont respect you anymore. but there are always nice strangers on-line you could turn to.

    but then you risk getting someone like me.

    I am sure you think I am being rather disapproving of your actions

    but maybe you aren't even pregnant and you dodged a bullet this time. What are your plans for the next time you have sex?

    If you learned from this gut knotting stress, and you vow to be more cautious... this is a great lesson ....if you don't ...you earn the right to be called what my brothers call a dumbbitch.... that is one word cuz she's not worth the effort for a PAUSE.

    I really do hope your not pregnant...I think its just a scare. cross your fingers and maybe get a supply of day after pills.

    I am not just another crabby woman on-line.all this happened to me too. I dodged the bullet got married to him and have 5 daughters of my own.(happily of course!!) I am going to print all this out and put it on my fridge until you 6 are all grown up.

    maybe something good can come out of the mistake you made.

    Good luck!!

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    Firstly was he wearing a condom?? If he wsnt did u take the emergency pill within 72 hours after the act??? Acc. to above statements, u cnt be pregnant. But be warned, never have sex without a condom cause though ur partner did not come in u but his pre - ejaculatory fluid may contain sperms which may have entered ur body. if datz the case, dnt panic, get a home pregnancy test done... early morning urine is preferred. If positive, go to a gynac, get an abortion done. Itz nt very expensive n can be done easily. Take ur partner along for support. Basically, just relax... sometimes stressful life n too much tension may delay ur mensturation by several days. So first relax... distract urself n dnt think about it. Eat hot foodstuffs... papaya, almonds, jaggery... they work good to bring ur chums soon. Take care.

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    Stress, change of environment and just freaking out about being pregnant are all reasons why you may not be getting your period. Sudden weight gain, weight loss and beginning a work out regimen can also keep you from getting your period. At home pregnancy tests are pretty accurate now a days. Four negative tests likely means you are not pregnant. However, I wouldnt go party it up... Find out for sure by scheduling an appointment with your gynecologist. They will let you know right away... Good luck!

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    Stress can also cause a late period, so try to stop worrying. If you had 4 negative tests and you did not have sex around the time you think you were ovulating, I wouldn't worry so much. Wait another week or two, and if you still don't have your period, make an appointment with your doctor.

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    I would calm down and relax first off then try getting on the pill to straighten out your cycle, even with stress the pill works at doing that and that alone could help you feel a little less stress about being pregnant.

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    Sounds like stress Hunny. You dont say anything about having pregnancy symtpoms, so thats also a sign that your body is freaking out.Then again their are negative test results that turn out postive blood test results. Try to relax a little see if you cant go visit a doctor to put your mind to rest with a blood test.

  • Are you taking the tests using your first morning Urine? If so, I would suggest going to have a blood pregnancy test. If it is negative, then you can be assured that you probably are not pregnant.

    Good luck and stop stressing!

  • Ashwee
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    I don't think your pregnant I think your period will come on soon your just still kinda stressed and little bit of stress will make you not start.

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    I think it could be stress on your part. Although you my want to go to the dr. and get checked out you may have a conditon called PCOS and you may need a drug to regulate your periods.

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