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My just for fun question- WORST Xmas present your significant other ever gave you?

I got a pack of socks... cheap white boring socks... then I got a divorce! What's your fondest memory of getting a bad gift? And your reaction, funniest story gets the 10 points!


YIKES, I guess should add to say when, not if, you got divorced!! There are some really sad answers on here!

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    2 years ago, i had a girlfriend that i was with for about 8 months and Christmas was 4 days away. i decided to go all out and give her a diamond necklace, thinking she'd give me something great also. so Christmas was here and she opened my gift, and she was crying. i thought, wow, she really loves my gift. no, that wasnt it, she said she spent her money on her NEW diamond necklace and she was broke. i went to get my present and opened it. inside was a card that said "im sorry, i have to leave you, this isnt working out". DUM DUM DUMMMMMM @_@ that was the worst, EVER >.< (PS, i took the diamond necklace back xD)

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    Well last year, after the kids opened their gifts, my honey and I exchanged gifts. I bought him a wireless trimmer. He LOVVVVVED it!! Then it comes time to open my gift. I opened a HUGE pack of TUBE SOCKS, the socks were sooooo long the came up to my knees. As my eyes welled up with tears, I took a deep breath so the I could air his A S S out. Before I could say anything he said look again. As I carefully examined the socks. I came to realize that there was a $50.00 bill stuffed into each one. YAAAAAAY. Whew, that was close. Me and my booby are still together. He was trying to be funny and creative, he really didnt know what to get me.

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    A divorce. oops, that was the gift I gave him. Hmmm Let me think, A pair of socks. I asked him why the socks and he told me I was getting cold feet. lol

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    best: A domestic dog (at the same time as i became 8) - how are you going to correct a present of unconditional love? Worst: Unemployment (many years back) - informed a pair days before Christmas they were terminating all settlement workers efficient New Years and sending the paintings offshore to India

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    Same tie as the year before. Got served with divorce papers the same week! Guess she told me!

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    I gave him that lawn mower he was dying for and a gift card for Home Depot his favorite store, and a kid the day after Xmas,

    and he gives me a kiss on the cheek and says " Thanks honey,

    sorry I forgot about your gift". Is that bad,

    because he does that almost every other year.

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    My husband likes to buy things we need for holidays. I don't celebrate Christmas, but we have Eids where we give presents. Last Eid he got me a vacuum. For this Eid I got a car though, so I'm not complaining.

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    The payment on an expensive gold watch he charged, gave to me and let me juggle into our already strained budget.

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    I remember getting nothing from my ex husband the whole 9 years we were married.

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    I never get bad gifts, simply because I never expect anything at all, so anything is a good gift.

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