What is a sole and is that sole you are and invading being?


soul not sole LOL

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    A soul is a spirit. There are different kinds, such as walk ins.

    Walk ins are a higher being which some try to classify as aliens.

    True aliens are said to be higher beings of great spiritial descendants of angels. Angels are not spirits. So you would have to find your own beliefs on that one.

    I myself see the spirit/soul being a total different identity from your body.

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    A sole can be a type of fish, or a part of your shoe.

    A soul is basically the program that runs on your brain's wetware. The spirit is what lives on after you die. 'You' are a combination of all three, body, mind, and spirit. There is no 'invasion', as the soul was the first and only consciousness present at the time of birth.

    And yes, the mind and the soul are pretty much the same thing.

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    The soul is what makes you being YOU in the prison of your body.

    In comparison to the body of a guitar your soul would be the sound you hear when plucking the strings.

    Some people will tell you about "Body-Mind-Spirit" where the soul would be the spirit.

    Thats wrong though and found its way into our thinking because of ancient greek and roman philosophy.

    If you are into christianity you will find an answer in the bible.

    The bible also only knows about body and soul, where the soul is given to everything thats breathing = humans and animals, and plants are meant to be their food.

    Also in the bible you will find "Soul" is used of Man as being mortal and subject to death of various kinds, from which it can be saved and delivered and life prolonged, in 243 passages, rendered in eleven different ways.

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    A sole is the bottom your your shoe. A soul is that essence from God that makes you human. Without it you would be just another animal in the jungle. It is that quality of spirit that God has created that attaches you to him. It is tainted by being in the human body, which is why we need the blood of Jesus to cleanse it of all its unrighteousness. the soul is the real you, that part of you that is eternal. If you go to heaven then you, your souls tha is, will spend eternity with God. If you go to hell, then you your soul is forever separated from God. this is the real torment of hell.

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    The Bible plainly says that man "became a living soul..." at the creation of Adam. Read Ezekiel 18:4 and verse 20:

    "The soul that sinneth it shall die!" But don't just take my word for it, look it up in your own Bible, and you will see the absolute PROOF that we are not possessed of an "immortal soul" at all, but that there is, in fact, a "spirit in man" of which the Bible speaks; that spiritual quality of the mind of we human beings which lifts us far above the animal plane; makes us human, made in the image and similitude of God, possessed of a conscience, able to build character, and creatures of free moral agency and volition.

    The Bible plainly shows that, at death, there is no further consciousness! Solomon said, plainly, that he did not know whether the spirit returned to God, or went back down into the earth-but one thing he knew, as did David his father, there is no further consciousness in death!

    What would God want with all of those "souls," anyway? Have you ever heard a sermon wherein the pastor tried to tell you what you will be doing the third year you are "up in heaven"? How about your thirtieth year, three hundredth year, or the end of your third millennium? Life on this earth can be fairly interesting-especially if it involves a good deal of education, travel, and a wide range of experience. As Solomon said, our eyes are never satisfied; our ears are never filled. our thirst and taste never truly sated. Just because we have seen one gorgeous sunset does not mean we want it to be our last, we are not yet tired of hearing the beautiful sounds of nature, of beautiful music, the voice of loved ones, the happy laughter of our own babies-in short, we human beings are never really through living so long as we can still enjoy life!

    What if the Bible promises you, not "heaven" in some wraith-like condition of a "soul" wafting around shuffling through harp music for billions of years, but promises you, instead. the first one-thousand years of co-rulership with Jesus Christ busily straightening out the incredible evils that grip this planet?

    What if the Bible issued to you such challenges as becoming a mayor, president, king or ruler over small or great countries? What if, once given the great wisdom, patience, understanding, vast knowledge and experience, you are also equipped with the spiritual POWER to carry out your edicts? What would you do? Would you see to it there was no more crime? Would you eradicate poverty? Would you do away with sickness and disease? Would you outlaw war? Would such an opportunity be desirable?

    Believe it or not, Almighty God DOES offer you an opportunity to help straighten out this world in the millennial reign of Jesus Christ! And, believe it or not, God is going to outlaw war, yet, human nature will remain pretty much the same during the first one-thousand years of the rulership of God's kingdom on this earth!

    No, the world is not a "soul farm" with thousands dying daily and going either to "heaven or to hell." YOUR OWN BIBLE TELLS YOU PLAINLY WHAT REALLY IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

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    The soul is an invention of man to explain the mind, It's fictional

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    sole I believe is a bottom feeding fish..

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