I need help! What would you do.?

Ok I have moved into a really nice exspensive house. Everything is great but one thing. My dog. She is a beautiful all white lab and chow mix she is crapping all over the place. She didn't do things like this at my other house. I don't know what to do. My new house is becoming a dog kentel. Not to mention my cat is pissing all over the place. I'm going to get rid of the cat and I want to get rid of my dog but i'm afraid she will miss me. If I knew she would be fine and happy there wouldn't be a problem. Plus she is laying all over our new furniture. Her white hair is every where. There was a dog in the house before but that doesn't matter because there was dogs before her at my old house and she never did this. And she is getting into the trash and eating all the food I leave out. I love her. But I also love my house. And having her an out side dog is not an option because my yard isn't very big and it is already full of the other dogs crap. What should I do. Mature answers only

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    Because dogs are very territory you have to totally remove the uran that a dog or cat has left..... the animal will keep marking his territory till the smell is gone.. but in his or her mind it will always be there... so covering up the smell will not work... you have to remove the animals and clean it all up then introduce them back into the enviroment and start behavioral training... it will be hard but it is possible... i done it... and it takes time and patience... good luck

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    perhaps try talking to your vet - a good friend had this exact same problem with his 8 year old dog that he couldn't bare to part with (dog did over $10k in damage to brand new built home in one month). Turns out pooch had Obsessive compulsive disorder - seperation anxiety and depression. The vet put him on anti-depressants and friend kennel trained him during the day. Problem solved.

    If you don't like kennel at home - there was also doggy daycare - dog walkers etc

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    It really sounds as tho, you wish to get rid of your dog. Why not try to find a good home for her. Our pets mark a new place at first. They dont continue to do so.

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    your animals are marking out their new digs this is normal just as you have to make a place yours they do to it sucks I know we all leave a bit of ourselves whereever we go ,animals are just more blatantly disgusting about it

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