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What are some tips for building a deck for Magic the Gathering to be played in extended?

I'm going to be playing an extended deck at a Friday Night Magic for the first time and I don't know what to expect. What are some tips for creating an extended deck? How many cards should it be?

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    You can't play Extended at FNM. FNM is only Standard, Sealed Deck, and Booster Draft.

    General info about Extended: Extended is dominated by only a few decks: Mind's Desire, Psychatog, Ichorid/Dredge, and Boros Deck Wins. Here are the decklists for the top Extended deck from Worlds http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgevent/worl... Boros Deck Wins seems to have dominated the Extended champs this year.

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    first thing don't freak out guys at fnm aren't super hard to beat and first timers usually(like me) will gain a back up guy,this person will tag with you in 2 on 2 games and what not. one tip for an extended deck is the natural echo combo made by yours truly: take it you use green. use natural affinity card when you have a decent amount of lands bolstered with overgrowth. use only needed amount of lands for the spell. then use echoeing courage to make your lands 4/4 and pummel your opponent. a good deck has about 60 cards. good luck!

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    attempt to get your fingers on some low costing infect playing cards, destruction playing cards, and playing cards like ordinary/tremendous/mutagenic boom and construct a eco-friendly/black infect deck I actually have a cheap infect deck (except for inkmoth nexus) costed about $5 to construct because I also get playing cards from tournaments

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