how can u get ur old boyfriend back???

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    First of all, we need to look at the reason why he is your ex boyfriend in the first place. Did he cheat on you? Did he hit you? Was his mommy and his other guy friends more important than you? Did he constantly criticize you? Or, was it something that you did? Did you just get bored? Grow apart? Not realize what you had?

    Once you have found the reason for the separation, you have to remember to tell yourself that people usually never change. The problems that you had in the past are going to resurface at some point. The question that you have to ask yourself is are you willing to face the problems again? If they were bad enough the first time around, do you not think that it will bother you this time?

    Enough lecturing... If you want him back, and he left you, then you, as a first step, are going to have to compromise or give in on whatever the issue was. If you left him, then it shouldn't be too difficult, as we men hate to have our egos busted, and he should come back running if you offer.

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    why would you want him back cause once you go back out with him most of the time you're asking yourself why did i bother doing this and then you'll find out that the first time will keep happening the 2nd time around

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    Make him jealous and make him see what he is messin go out with somebody else or if one them straight forward people and don't like playin games be honest and say i miss u and i wish we were still together

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    give him a picture of yoda when he high

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    just tell him you like him again and think he is soo hot. maybe he'll except.

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