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Would you bench Furrey (@ GB) or Evans (vs Mia) & start _____?

Henry @ Ind. (MNF). After 1pm games today I only have Shockey, L. Johnson, N. Kaeding going for me. My opponent has M. Bulger, S. Jackson, Fitzgerald & Wayne (MNF). Would you bench Furrey or Evans in favor of having a player on MNF to matchup with Wayne? Henry could get 1- 2 td & 50-60 yards, or he could get 0 points. What would you do?

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    Tough call. You definately want to choose your best matchup here and not wait until Monday Night just to have a player going. In this case, I'd still go with Henry. I think Furrey will have a good game and Evans might, but he is a risk/reward type. You'll have to hope that the Bengals air it out instead of pounding the ball against that pourous Indy run D. I still think Henry is good for maybe 60yds and a TD. It may come down to Wayne VS. Henry to decide this....but lets hope you already have it wrapped up.

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