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Clown loach: Mine swims in place, its body had assumed an arched shape and its fins are clamped. What's wrong?

The loach is in a community tank with mollies, platys and swordtails. The secod loach in the tank is flourishing (symptom-free), as are all the other fish.

I'm cautious about medicating, since I know loaches are sensitive to medications.

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    You have made a VERY good decision in not treating this loach with medication yet. Please follow my advice, and I PROMISE you that you will get 100% accurate and correct advice on treating your clown loach.

    Go to the following site:

    Then go to their forums. Ask them for help there. They know EVERYTHING there is to know about clown loaches, and sicknesses. I promise you will get your answers there. They have never let me down with a sick fish. I haven't lost a loach yet thanks to these guys. ;) If you don't want to have to make an account there, email me at, so you can sign on to my account, or I can ask for you. Anything to help out a fellow aquarium caretaker :)

    I hope for the best! Good luck!

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    maximum likely!! the issue with loaches, catfish and toddler fish is they favor to be dealt with a minimum of one/2 the recommended dose of medicated products. And in case you do not seize it early, making use of this low dose really does no longer some thing (or no longer sufficient a minimum of) ensuing in lack of lifestyles. The trick is early detection. Ive had some catfish die at 1 / 4 of the recommended dose, some are more beneficial smooth then others. So did you decrease the dose? If no longer you merely did not seize it in time. Its ok tho now you've the archives for next time = ) keep in ideas catfish, loaches and toddler fish all have small or no scales which skill drugs are damage finished at universal prices. desire i helped Angel

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    it sounds sick to me.

    put the loach in quarantine (separate tank). keep the water temp to 80°F... and do a light dose of antibacterial.

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