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Is there a way to increase the texture/density of your hair?

If you have thin hair unless you tease it, how do you get it to medium or thick?

The only way I do it is flip my hair over and brush the back of it.


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    use panteen ice glacier shine shampoo and conditioner. i use it and i have really thick hair. it doesnt increase the thickness, but it makes ur hair soft and shiny and it gives ur hair more volume.

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    I have the same problem, so what i did/do is

    *get my hair MAJORLY layered all around

    *when blow-drying, dry upside-downe

    *Put the TINIEST drop of gel on my hands and tease the base of the hair (near the scalp)

    Hope that helps!

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    I need to decrease mine. I like sunsilk. They have different formulas for what you need. Check the labels and pick the one for flat hair (I think it is the yellow bottle) I use the pink bottle and it is great. Try the one for you.

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    yea use some kind of jell or liquid or something like that

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