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Christmas And New Years In Peru?

Hey! Yeah, I have to do a report on holiday traditions in Peru, the problem is I dont really know what goes down there. do they celebrate Christmas and New Years? What kinds of Things do they do? Know anything else that will help me? All answers will be taken in to consideration! Thanks!

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    well for christmas and new years, they like to have party,its no like here in christmas , people eat and got to sleep , they drink ,dance , and until next day, and new years they used to make a doll , and at midnight they burn it , its funn , more question u can holla me at em1father (aim)

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    White shirts, conservative ties, socks, belt. Does he have a camera? get him some film or memory card (depending on what kind of camera he has). If he has a regular SLR camera that uses 35mm film, get him some mail in film processing envelopes. I have given you a link to a site with all sorts of missionary gift ideas. Hope it helps!

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    I have info

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