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Is it considered RAPE???

Is it statuory rape if both people are under the age of consent?? Can the girl's parents sue the guy and his family??

Why can she sue him?? He is the same age. Why??

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    Normally when both partners are under age the statutory charge is not enforced.

    Anyone can sue anybody for anything. Can they win is the question, and that would depend on who has the better lawyer and the make up of the jury. He can sue her as well. She deceived him into believing she loved him and stole his virginity, as an example.

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    Yes, it is "statutory" rape - meaning by law the under age girl's parents can file charges for rape, even if there was consent. The parents can sue in a tort civil action, but usually after the statutory rape charges result in a conviction, i.e., evidence for their civil suit. She (the girl) can also sue him for statutory rape, but so can he if he's under age. His parent's can also press "statutory" rape charges against the girl for having sex with the underage boy, but that only means both have rape charges, and doesn't aleviate anything.

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    BY law, it's not statatory rape. They are both under legal age and as long as they consented, it is legal. There is no law about underaged sexual intercourse. As far as they(the Law) see it, it's completely legal

    Source(s): I took law classes in college
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