What might convince people to become physicists?

PLZ list source--even if you just know, find a link or two, please.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are two types of Physicists

    1. Theoretical

    2. Applied

    The first type deals with theories only and you find them mainly in campuses and research centres

    The second type includes people like engineers and all types of engineers, and they are found all over with well paid jobs and they are highly sought after.

    When you become a true blue physicist or just study physics in a deeper way: you see a lot more 'invisible' things like electron movements in electricity and electronics, and invisible forces acting on aeroplanes and flying golf balls: or for that matter anything that flies.......and the list goes on.

    You begin to appreciate things we always take for granted : like flipping a switch to turn on the light or TV or opening the fridge to get a cold drink......

    All high tech things you see around you are mostly based on some Physics principles.............if you go down right to it.

    Somehow, Physics teachers in school do not often do justice to the subject matter - especially to the minds of girls and young ladies. I am not being sexist. My own daughter has become a mechanical engineer because I make it my responsibility to open her eyes to these invisible things......

    I am still trying to interest young ladies in my educational centres in Singapore to pick up Physics and Physics-linked careers.

    Source(s): Go to http://www.plenrich.com/ to view some free Physics videos, photos and notes.....if you email me at plenrich@plenrich.com, I will let you into the students' login for a period of time.
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