What happens during an internal investigation?

My fiancee and I were harassed and bullied by an officer last night because her son was driving without a license. If I filed a complaint with Internal Affairs, would there be a resolution that involves his no longer being able to hide behind his gun and badge to abuse the normal law-abiding, tax-paying people he's supposed to be protecting? Or is it unreasonable to not expect them to protect their own?


I know there's no law stating police have to be nice. There's also no law I'm aware of that allows a cop to threaten people that haven't done anything wrong for being related to (or being engaged to a relative of) someone they arrest.

Update 2:

We didn't "let" him drive without a license. He snuck out of the house.

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    Yes, I think it's a valid fear. But Internal Affairs will look into it. They have cameras on the police cars and alot of the officers have mics recording conversations. Unfortunately they have people that clunk the system up and lie on the good cops over stupid petty things. I'm not saying this is the case but, it would be stupid to file a complaint over the cop that sited you for something that can be rectified by simply bringing your license to the courthouse to clear it up. By the same token it would be equally stupid if not insane for an officer to harass someone or a group of people they are sworn to protect just because he could...

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    What's the complaint?

    The officer was harassing a kid for driving without a license? When did this happen? How can this be a crime? I would request an full congressional inquiry into this matter! Request? I mean demand!

    But to answer your question. The complaint is reviewed for it's content. In some jurisdictions it may not qualify as an internal investigation matter and is referred back to the officer's supervisor to be resolved.

    If an internal is done then all parties involved are questioned. As it looks now it'll be the officer and the kid. If there were any other witnesses then they would also be questioned.

    All of the information is considered and if there are any violations in policy by the officer then it would be sent to the chief or department supervisor for discipline. If it is unfounded or not sustained then nothing will happen.

    Not keep this in mind. This is a real investigation. Any false statements given could be used to charge your friend in criminal court. Furthermore, any defamation can also be used in a civil suit against you and your friend.

    Lastly in many jurisdictions cars are equipped with in car video and voice recording. This will also be presented as evidence.

    So a little advice here for you and your friend. Be respectful during the inquiry. Stick to the facts. Don't lie. And if he got a ticket, just pay it.

  • IA is a good thing, but this is meerly a poor excuse for them to INVESTIGATE. I'm sure they will laugh at your reason. I have no DL and suffer dearly for it, and I hate the Book of Law to Suspend License's for Simple things like simple speeding. If they were Bullied then sue, and take it out of your district as it is only conflicting interest to take on in your county. Then, call upon a Jury to decide. Or just have him Snipped if you think he's getting a Chub when he does this to people. As the law will disreguard his acts and you will be the blame. If he is a Bully, he needs Dealt With and Hung. This is why Cops have the Highest Divorce Rate of All. They are Weak, and Scared. So carrying some metal with their small pp's makes them feel super heavy. Good Luck. I love people, but hate Bullies, especially ones in law. I have many Cop Friends, and they agree. Law will protect them, not you. So.. Grit your teeth and Hold firmly. They will fall in reality in their way, in their minds. IA is not a part of the Police. They Bust Police for Criminal Acts.

    Good Luck, and Merry X'Mas!

    Source(s): Common Sense. Bullies Die Sooner or Later. People will get Stronger and Smarter.
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    You can certainly file a complaint, but I don't see it going to IA over something that amounts to "rude employee." The officer's supervisor will probably review the complaint, verbally counsel the officer and file the complaint. If there is a pattern of behavior/rudeness indicated in multiple complaints, more significant action would be taken.

    It's not a case of "protect their own." It's a case of "most people aren't happy to talk to the police if they didn't call them, and lots file complaints."

    Think about it. If you are in a job dealing with the public and just one guy complains about you, shouldn't you get SOME due process? Or should you be canned just because one guy wasn't happy?

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    There's no law that says an officer has to be nice to you. I think that will probably be the conclusion of any investigation.

    It doesn't matter that he snuck out. All that matters is that this happens in your household. The police are worried about what other dangerous, costly things might also happen in your household. they have no patience for it, and they did not try to hids that in their attitude.

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    Obviously you are not law-abiding people if you are letting your fiancee's son drive without a license.

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