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what's the best way to make a wife says "love words" to her husband?

there are so many wifes, especially in the countryside havn't the

real love and imotions towards their husbands..................................................


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    What you really are saying is that you would like your wife to speak 'lovingly' to you. You are to be the example of this, when you are with her you tell her ' i need to feel loved by what you say and i will show you by how i speak to you'... example are the mirror of what you want your love to be ... don't let expectations from movies and such fool you guy, a woman who is there for you - loves you! Now show her your heart!

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    Seriously, she needs to read Dr. Laura Schlessinger's book, "The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands." She is talk show host on KFI 640 a.m. noon to 3 p.m. Pacific Standar Time - and the best in the business. Also, youngin's should read "The 10 Supid Things Women Do to Mess Up the Lives" and same title for "Men."

    No, I am not associated with Dr. L, just appreciate her incredible insight.

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    for a woman who trusted you, who cares for you day-in and day-out, telling her husband 'luv u' is empty rhetoric. she is by your side all the time shows she loves you. the same applies to you as well, because i dont think u have ever told her 'i luv u'. if u cannot recognize the signs of love, you are really pig-headed. frankly tell me, have u ever told her 'i luv u' after u brought her home? if u want to make her say these magic words, show her how to do it. hug her for even small things she does for u, murmur (or even audibly) say 'i dont know what i would do without u'. the more vigorous you are, the better will be ur dividends. watch this space.

    as for your comments that countryside women haven't the real love.... u are again mistaken and proves you are indeed pigheaded. country women have only two ways - either they luv u or simply use the sickle on your throat. they are not of many words, so watch out.

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    Saying the words doesn't matter if the emotions aren't there to make them true.

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    You can't make her say anything, she has to do it on her own. Trying telling her that you wish she would express her feelings more.

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    You can't make anyone do something. You have to find a woman who already does it.

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    You can't make anyone love anyone else. Or say love words. It has to be earned.

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    I told my husband, I love you, drive careful, and have a good day when he left for work this morning.

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    there are people who are not that showy and very expressive on what they feel but answers or feelings comes from their eyes.....

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