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Nose Piercing gone bad?

ok so so i have this friend who got her nose pierced and i had star tissue like a bump in my nose for about 3 months or so.. i thought it was infected so i used tea tree oil and it eventually went away.. but my friend she has it on the out side like a big like bump or ball on the side of the nose ring.. i was wondering what she should do to get rid of this and is it an infection or scar tissue? and how long will it take? should she just take it out and thats that... cause i dont think she wants to cause she had to spend her own money in all but she doesnt want the ball or bump there either. HELP PLEASE.


So she ended up having to take it out and they said that if the bubble doesnt get better she will have to have it removied.

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    it sounds liek a keloid to me. an over growth of scar tissue. they are somewhat permanent. you can minimiize the appearance by using tea tree oil and trying sea salt soaks again. but if you dont see result you will need to go to the doctors and have them suggest somehting....they do require surgery to be removed...

    is her piercing red? swollen? is there green or yellow discharge? if not then it is nmost likely a keloid. she may have to have surgery to have it removed if it bothers her that much..

    im sure her keloid isnt as big as the ones in the picutures..

    Source(s): i have 8 piercings/research
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    I have had the same thing happen with 2 different piercings. As thick as the cartilage is in your nose, you don't need to worry about rejection ( which it what happened to my eyebrow ring ) my conch was fine in a few weeks after seeing the infection bubble. If it looks like it might be filled with puss, its just an infection. Most likely that is it. You need to get some H2Ocean and put it on there. Keep it clean. It should go away in a few weeks. As long as you don't see it traveling or the infection getting bigger, leave it in, cause re-piercing scar tissue really hurts.

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    Put the sea salt in a water bottle w/the squeeze top. Take one finger inside your nostril and push the nose ring up. Squeeze the waterbottle and rinse the area(from the outside) in the stream. This works very well. Also use or continue to use the tea tree oil. That stuff works wonders. Good Luck.

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    This happened to me, and it eventually went away once I replaced the jewelry (twice!) It was both a jewelry sensitivity issue and also the fit on the nose screw just wasn't very good (it was too tight, and then it was too loose!) I just had to go back in (to a different place, not the place that did it since they were very unhelpful), and after a long, long, long time it finally died down and now I can't see it at all. But it took months, I hope your friend has a better experience!

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    That happened cartilage piercings that my friend and I both got. The piercer said that it happens when you don't clean them properly, but it'll go away as soon as you start taking better care of it. Just tell her to clean more thoroughly twice a day. Wash her hands thoroughly first, then clean it with antibacterial hand soap and a Q-tip or two.

    Have either of you ever used sea salt on your piercing? It helps a lot with stuff like that. I'm not really sure how to do sea salt on a nose piercing, but I'm sure it's easy enough to find out online.

    Good luck!

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    well it might just be infected and that lump is build up yuck! poke it with a pin and see if it releases. good luck.

    merry christmas!!!!!!

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    hello, go see a doctor.

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