Which cell would have more mitochondria and why? Cheek cells or onion cells?

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Update : I know that the amount of mitochondria depend on how active the cell is, ...show more
Update 2: know that the amount of mitochondria depend on how active the cell is, ...show more
Update 3: ok to verify the question. it's onion root cells.
Update 4: are the onion cells actually in the process of dividing as senegiba ...show more
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The onion root cells will have more mitochondria because they are in the process of multiplying, dividing, and differentiating which requires the production of a lot more ATP while the cheek cells are fully differentiated and divide at a slower pace.

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  • jonmcn49 answered 7 years ago
    Cheek cells would" need " more, as onion cells are plant cells, that contain chloroplasts. Was this a trick question? If so, not much of a trick.

    PS then root cells of the onion, would have more, as they would have a need for more. They are growing root cells.

    The green stalks of onions have more than negligible chloroplasts.
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  • chenwithasterisk answered 7 years ago
    mitochondria is considered to be the power house of the cells.its associated with the production of ATP which is the energy carrier.therefore any cells that are associated with the movement will require a lot of mitochondria. i.e. muscle cells, brain cells etc.
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  • arbiter007 answered 7 years ago
    Mitochondria are considered to be the power plants of the cell:

    So which cell needs more power?
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