126.com, 163.com china email addresses. Are what they sell on ebay real, or are they scammers?

I got the email addresses of several people with 126.com emails from their listings on ebay world trade. They are supposedly from china and their items are super cheap, too cheap it seems. You can get an xbox 360from them with 12 games and 2 controllers for less less than $200 US. Has anyone ever encountered them and does anyone know if they can be trusted. They do not accept paypal, which seems shady, only bank wires. I just don't want to get scammed. For any addition details required, you can email me juan_two_345@yahoo.com . Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


The man whom I was speaking with about the video games has told me that he would send a picture of his family to prove his honesty. I think that that's a pretty shady act as it doesn't help me trust him anymore than I did before.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    never head of them but i wouldnt fall for that

    My advice is dont do business with than as you may end up with money gone and merchandise nowhere

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    4 years ago

    163.com China

  • 7 years ago

    IF you choose to do business with them require the use of an on-line escrow service, from a US company. However, this adds additional expense, time, etc. and is generally just a pain in the tuchis. unless that vendor is the ONLY source for your product I would look elsewhere. 126.com is also a home to many hackers and identity theives, so make sure you categorically REFUSE to give them any personal information. I'd use a blind box or a dummy email set up only for that transaction, that kind of thing.

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    5 years ago

    That's not genuine. The English isn't good enough and Paypal wouldnt send you a long email starting with 'dear' plus all those capital letters, it just seems wrong, report the buyer. Lucky you asked on here instead of sending the item ! I hope you dont get a scammer again :(

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  • 1 decade ago

    Run away. Fast.

    Think Nigeria and 419.

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