Giant Pandas?

hi everyone does anyone know what domain Giant Pandas are from i researched various places but could not find it. If you can give me links and websites that can give me information about large pandas please do. ur help would truly be appreacited

Thanx in advance ~*_*~


Can you also help me find out if they are a producer,herbivore,omnivore,carnivore or decomposer??


thanks in advance ~*_*~

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    Giant Pandas are in the domain Eukaryota. There are three different domains, which are Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukaryota. Eukaryota include animals, plants, and fungi. Giant Pandas are animals.

    Giant Pandas are omnivores -- they eat meat and vegetation. Giant Pandas are known to eat bamboo mainly, but they also will eat fish.

    The above website discusses the Giant Panda, with some good pictures.

    Source(s): Wikipedia Giant Panda
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