PLZ HELP ME. Taking son aged 4, to GP for 2 Injections.?

Need advcie please. Always very stressful, taking him to get a Injection.

He reacts very badly, whan he needs a needle.

I have him on my lap, but that doesn't calm him at all.

I have great trouble keeping him still. So it always takes more that 1 nurse to inject him.

Please help me. How can i make it less stressful for him ?

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  • lozzie
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    1 decade ago
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    Help your son to relax. While at home play a game aimed at relaxing him. Get him to tense is muscles and then let everything relax, do breathing exersises to calm him down. Tell him it is o.k to be scared and it's o.k to cry but kicking and screaming is unacceptable. Maybe you could offer a reward for his bavery (even if he cries). Once in the room with nurse suit him in your lap and take slow deep breathes together so he concentrating on something else other than the needle.

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  • ?
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    3 years ago

    you may try taking his in demand filled animal alongside for him to hold. i'm thinking how long he has been afraid of needles and what occurred to reason this worry. Remind him that there is not something to be afraid of while it comes time for him to get the injections and inspire him to hold tight to his in demand filled animal and to close his eyes and take a deep breath and carry it for a minute. tell him you may not have faith what a huge boy he's now and how useful it extremely is for him to take a seat nevertheless. If his eyes are closed and he's taking a huge breath and holds it the shot would be over in the past he realizes it. additionally it extremely is beneficial to enable the checklist or nurse be the only to tell him they could provide him the pictures. start up the pep communicate approximately him being this way of huge boy for seeing the checklist in the past you're taking him yet do not point out the injections. desire it extremely is useful.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He has to get this done.

    Hold him firmly on ur lap. Put ur leg over his, ( very gently ).

    Then cuddle him, and keep his spare arm, tucked onto ur chest.

    Then another nurse, will hold the injection arm.

    Source(s): 2 young children. Do that with both of them.
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