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Your Wedding Gown?

Where did you purchase your wedding gown?

Did you purchase it online or at a local bridal shop?

Were you satisfied?

Do you think you spent too much or not enough?

What kind of a dress was/is it? Ballgown, A-Line, princess gown train/no train, short/long?

What color was it? White, ivory, champagne, cream, red .... ?

Did you wear a veil, headpiece or tiara?

I just like to collect some opinions and ideas.

Oh and it would be great if you had a picture of the gown you were wearing at your wedding or will be wearing.

Thank you for your help!

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    Paula, wear what you want and what you look best in. You don't need to spend a fortune on a wedding dress, I just got married over thanksgiving and got my dress at a local shop...(best for alterations), and it cost 169.00...and it was beautiful. Champagne is really in now and a great subdued color, had a flower wreath on head, much classier than tiaras, tiraras to me are princess want to bes, skip that one.

    My wedding budget was not huge, but it looked pretty good. I would spend my money on a good photographer, and nice flowers, we just had 3 lillies, w/ribbon, they smell great and last for a long time...

    I think the more simple the dress, the better unless you are 5'10' and weigh 70 pounds...too much dress is tacky to me. I would send a picture but I can't figuire out how to do it!!! lol...slightly computer challenged...

    Keep it simple, you can do a high end wedding w/o putting out a ton of was my second wedding, the first one was over the top, cost my parents a fortune and I hated it...the smaller wedding worked for me, was classier, and most importantly, w/o all the hype, I concentrated on what I was doing, getting married to the man of my dreams...just my opinion, good luck.

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    I purchased my gown from a local bridal shop. I am very satisfied. The cost of the dress that I actually purchased was well below my budget for my dress so I took the extra money and add a few feet to the train of the dress. I'm not sure what you would call the style of my gown but I can describe it as a form fitting bodice with a layered skirt. It is not a ball gown. The train was semi cathedral and I had two feet added to that. The dress is ivory. I will be wearing a headpiece and a veil. I have a picture but I'm not sure how to put it on here. You can contact me and I will email it to you.

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    I purchased my gown at David's Bridal. They had a huge selection, in all different price ranges. The consultant I had was awesome... she asked what I liked, had me go through a magazine and pick out some styles, then she went and grabbed a whole bunch, some I had mentioned, some she just thought would look good on my body. I bought my dress for $250, its an A-line gown (no train). It is a white gown, the top is strapless and fitted, then it has a red sash around the waist, and red trim down the back and bottom. I think it's great! I got a veil that has the same red trim as well as embroidered flowers, to wear with a simple rhinestone tiara. The wedding isn't until July, but I am totally in love with the dress, and can't wait til the big day!

    Price shouldnt be that important as long as you can fit it into your overall budget. Its more about what you love and what feels comfortable on you. Good luck with whatever you choose to do!

    The link below is my dress minus the train.

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    I bought my dress at a bridal shop. I shopped around at several different stores, in 2 different states, before I found the dress I wanted. You don't want to order a dress over the internet, because there is a lot of fraud in the wedding business. It's such a lucrative business, and people want to save money but they end up getting ripped off by websites that may promise a designer dress, but deliver a cheaply made imposter.

    I'm pleased with the price of the dress, it was under $800, but it's a high-quality, stylish, designer gown. It's white, with white lace. A-line gown, with a corset bodice. A short train. I haven't gotten married yet, and I have yet to decide on a veil or a tiara. I like the idea of a tiara, but it might look too prom-queenish.

    Source(s): - Lots of cute dresses, not too expensive.
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    I purchased mine at David's Bridal. I went into the shop because it is so much easier to find what you want and your able to try them on. I think I spent just enough they have the best prices I think. I had a princess gown with a long train. It was a light ivory and I wore a head piece.

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    I am having my mother make my wedding dress. The decision was easy. I got to pick the fabric, the color and the pattern, and the whole thing only cost $75. It is turning out to be not only the perfect dress, the more meaningful than any dress I could have bought in a store.

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    I wore my mother's gown. I was completely satisfied! The looks on some of my family's faces were incredible! It brought tears to their eyes! check out I put two wedding pics of me in my dress! I'm pretty sure that's the right link!

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    I want to wear a red gown.

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    i did not purchase my wedding gown... we had it made by a designer, it was made here in the philippines...

    it was on a package, we paid for the entourage's dresses too...

    it was a good deal..

    here's how it looks like..

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