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About The assassination of Archducke ferdinand

Describe what happen in the "The assassination of Archducke ferdinand" happen on 28th June,1914 in Sarajrvo,

(i)like a histrory book

(ii)like a newpaper in Austria at that time

(ii)like a newpaper in America at that time

(iv)just a paragraph in English

**you can answer one or more question(s) above ~~ you need to write down which question(s) you answer**


I want to have is just what happen at that time , like the time ,where ,which people ,what happen, what is the ending and why it is happen~~ like the newspaper

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    You obviously have a degree of knowledge about this, and there comes a certain point where you are entitled to draw your own conclusions from the evidence.

    As far as I see it, it is not certain that the Black Hand 'assassinated' FF at all. It would appear that they supplied the weapons, and there would seem to have been Black Hand members 'hanging around' on the day, apparently to witness the assassination attempt, but I am not personally aware that the six young men were actually members of the Black Hand.

    The choice of FF was, in fact, a propaganda disaster. FF (who had eloped to marry Sophie Chotek) was quite popular. The crowd in Sarajevo was cheering 'Zivio' ('Live long') enthusiastically - at least enthusiastically enough to frighten Mehmedbasic from throwing his bomb - and Sophie was a well-known beauty (the princess Diana of her time), pretty enough to dissuade Cubrilovic from his assassination attempt. The crowds beat up Cabrinovic for throwing the first bomb.

    Also, you've got to look at the results. Afterwards, Princip revealed that if he had had an inkling of what would happen he never would have killed FF. It was not just that it ultimately caused WWI - it gave Austria a pretext to humiliate and attack Serbia. And the murder of Sophie certainly led to world-wide condemnation.

    The Black Hand were terrorists, and they disrupted on purpose, but it is doubtful that they would have tried such a disastrous assassination - or even allowed: in fact, word leaked out and the Austrian intelligence had been informed that there was to be an assassination attempt.

    You will be aware that there are 'conspiracy theories' about the 9/11 destruction of the two towers in New York by Al Qaeda (they claim that the US govt allowed the plot to happen to give them an excuse to attack Afghanistan and Iran). I don't know about that, but it would be JUST as possible that the Austrian government was involved in a conspiracy to allow the Sarajevo assassination - FF was NOT liked in the Austrian government because of his elopment and his views on the Slavs, and an assassination attempt would have given the Austrians the excuse they needed to attack Serbia (the Austrian Chief of Staff had proposed to invade Serbia a number of times in the year before 1914).

    My personal opinion is that, in fact, the six youths were exactly what they said they were - six BOSNIAN activists who were outraged by FF's visit.

    Remember that Austria had only annexed Bosnia a few years before, and that 28 June was Serbia's National Day.

    The assassination has all the marks of amateurism which would accompany this kind of attack, and only suceeded because of the most amazing sequence of luck and chance.

    So perhaps Princip was telling the truth when he said that he killed the Archduke to take revenge because he saw what is happening in the villages - he had no reason to lie.

    Thus, if this is true, the Sarajevo assassination would be IN FACT like the July London bombings, done by a minority ethnic element FROM WITHIN THE HOME COUNTRY'S POPULATION.

    And this is why the Austrian declaration of war on Serbia was perceived to be an injustice ... hence the Russian mobilisation .. hence WWI.

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