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What is the quarantine period for my dog to and from the United States?

I live in Hong Kong and I have a 11 month female Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I am thinking about bringing her over to the state of California from Hong Kong for a short holiday. Will my 11 month puppy be quarantined in California once it reaches there and will she be quarantined again upon returning to Hong Kong? How long is the quarantine period?

Some say that there is no quarantine period providing that all inoculation papers are in order. Others say there will be a six month period. Still others say to call the airline.

What is the best answer? Who should I get in touch with?

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  • Chetco
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    There is no quarantine, but only a general health check and verification of rabies vaccination. Here is the site that tells all>

    Our only quarantine is for unvaccinated dogs, and livestock working dogs, or dogs going to Hawaii..

    Source(s): dog breeder since 1968
  • Anonymous
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    Call your vet and the airline you will be flying. The vet can tell you what papers you need and the airline will tell you what arrangements you need before flying.

    Customs offices in both countries can give you accurate information too.

    Start making arrangements now. Some paperwork has waiting limits and all have expiration dates. It can take lots of extra planning, months in advance. You can't "forget" anything, and if anything is overlooked, they may seize your dog. Quarantine is expensive and can be lengthy.

    Good luck.

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    It's my thoughts, from experiance,that as long as shot & health

    records can be shown,that there should be no problem bringing

    the dog into CONUS.

    Best check with the officials tho.

    Lots of luck on your journey.

    P.S. Check with a local vet about a mild seditive for the trip.

  • Cara B
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    Leave the dog at home. It will be easier on both of you.

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