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Does anybody know who was the first doctor ?

Does enybody know who was the first doctor did the plastic surgery and what year he did the first surgery and when?

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    According to

    "The Romans were able to perform simple techniques such as repairing damaged ears from around the 1st century BC."

    The technique of microvascular surgery was made practical by the Frenchman Dr. Alex Carrel who did most of his work in Chicago and New York. He received the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology In 1912, in recognition of his methods of vascular suture and in organ transplantation. The ability to connect severed arteries and veins that his techniques allowed made free-grafts of living tissues like fingers and complex tissue grafts.

    The U.S.'s first plastic surgeon was Dr. John Peter Mettauer. He performed the first cleft palate operation in 1827 with instruments that he designed himself. The New Zealander Sir Harold Gillies developed many of the techniques of modern plastic surgery in caring for those who suffered facial injuries in World War I, he is considered to be the father of modern plastic surgery. His work was expanded upon during World War II by one of his former students and cousin, Archibald McIndoe, who pioneered treatments for RAF aircrew suffering from severe burns. McIndoe's radical, experimental treatments, lead to the formation of the Guinea Pig Club."

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    Skin grafts, nosejobs, and ear reconstructions were documented by the Indian physician Susrutha as far back as the 8th century BC.

    Below is a link to the wikipedia article on plastic surgery and its history.

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    Louis Addaville. In 1908 he made a successful earlobe out of the patients buttocks.

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    the first doctor's name does not even appear in books. And it was not a he. She was a She.

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