Why majority of African Youths want to leave their Countries at all cost to Europe?

Mauritania, a country in West Africa far from Europe, has become the latest springboard for desperate would-be immigrants to reach Europe. They travel by boat for three days and nights to cover the 500 miles from Mauritania's long coastline to the Canary Islands, which is Spanish soil. Once in the Canaries, the whole of Europe lies before them

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    The quality of life here is not the same as the quality of life in Europe.

    I am a volunteer in The Gambia. As you said, a lot of Gambian men want to go to Europe. I asked them why.

    Here in Africa, it is culturally extremely important for people to support their families. Wages here are very low in comparison to wages in Europe. The average monthly salary is D1200-D1500

    The Rate of exchange is D52 to one pound sterling, D36 to one euro. (D=Dalasis)

    Unemployment is very high, which means that only one or two people can support the typically extended family of let us say 15 - 20 people. By support... food, education, clothes, and so on.

    If one son goes to Europe, if he can get a job, even if the pay is miserable by European standards, he can support his family back home in the Gambia easily. If there is no support coming from Europe, Life can get vey hard. One of my Gambian friends gets D900 every month. He gives D600 to his widowed mother, leaving only D300 for him, for a month. Unsurprisingly, he can't afford new clothes.

    Taking the above into account, they see well dressed Europeans here on holiday, with big wads of cash. (Holiday makers can present a distorted picture of Europe)

    As one Gambian said to me,

    "There is no hope for me here. I want to support myself and my family. If it means I have to go to Europe, so be it. "

    In a way, this reminds me of my country, Ireland. Back before Ireland became a "rich countrry" thanks to the EU, emigration was a very bg isssue, and these Irish people sent money back home to their families.

    Of course, there are some men who aren't thinking of their families, they just want to lead better lives for themselves.

    Source(s): Source... Living and working with Gambians since February 2005
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    I went through several answers given on this question. I think it depends on the personality of the individual wishing to leave the African continent. There might be reasons for developing this wish. One of these reasons might simply be to hope for a better and easier life. It seems to me that some African governments simply do not provide the possibility of a positive and satisfying life to all its citizen, but only to a small percentage. However, each human being in this world should have to right to satisfy its basic needs: enough food, a comfortable flat, appropriate education, good health service, a safety life, án appropriate workplace, and much more. If these fundamental preconditions for a good life cannot be guaranteed or can reached only by a privilieged percentage then it is quite normal that people develop the wish to leave that place. All these things are more or less guaranteed in many European countries.

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    You cant blame the people for trying to make their lives better.

    Any races of the world would definitely have a dream or two about a place where they wish they were at or could go and live there.

    We all need a good respectable leader. Someone we can look up to, be proud of and mostly, be motivated by. If there is none then there arent any reasons at all to stay - might as well just attempt the distance and brave one's luck.

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    Personally I think that the African government is too interested in lining its own pocket rather than bettering the lives of its people. Most Africans come for work and do work and have a good life and be able to help folks back home.

    My wish for christmas is for African government is to put the people first and line their pockets after. God bless Africa

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    Given the social upheavals in their own countries, what with lack of money due to lack of work, which results in lack of necessary items for living, I can see why they're willing to risk such a venture. Not unlike the problem that Americans are having with people immigrating into their country via their southern border.

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    Probably because western governments are supporting repressive regimes and dictatators and have oil companies stealing the oil. If any says anything against this they are either imprisoned or executed. Does this answer you question? I'm suprized an 'inteligent' person like yourself couldn't figure that one out? Are you that stupid?

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    you sound like a person who knows much about Africa no-one doesnt know the state of Africa sometimes listening to news and read newspapers will upgrade low knowledge

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    When they could stay at home and fight the social wrongdoings in their OWN country, do you mean?

    A tricky one this. You can't blame them for trying I suppose. But equally, you can;t blame US for trying to keep the devils out!!

    Honestly, these hominids who develop intelligence, leave Africa and then try to colonise Europe. They have been doing this for about 170,000 years so it's about time we put a stop to it, I say!!

    Source(s): ps My uncle spent some time in Mauretania. He reckoned it was the biggest festering toilet in the whole of Africa, and that's saying something.
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    i think you already know the answer to your question.

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    To die of starvation or not that is...........

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