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What is the use of Tally software?

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    Tally is an accounts and inventory management software which is having many other features too. With the latest version of this software Tally9 you can

    1. do all basic accounting functions,

    2. Manage your store and items,

    3. do the job costing,

    4. manage payroll,

    5. get many mis reports which are useful for day today functions,

    6. file your tax returns like prepare balance sheet, profit and loss statement, VAT forms, TDS, returns, Service tax returns, e-TDS filing, Excise forms, FBT reports and forms,

    7. maintain budgets, scenarios,

    8. calculate interest on pending amount

    9. manage data over different locations and synchronize it and many more other features.

    In fact in todays environment you just need a computer and Tally to manage your business and you to run it.

    you can get more info on tally at


    Hope this can help you to understand tally better.

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    Tally is an accounting software used widely in India. Now the latest version is Tally 9. For more details about this software visit http://www.tallysolutions.com/tally9fetacc.shtml.

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    Tally is an Accounting Software. It is used for Accounts writing of an Entity. The Latest version is 9.

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    Tally is an accounting software used widely in India. Now the latest version is Tally 9. The world’s most powerful concurrent multi-lingual integrated business accounting software

    it's link for you www.tallysolutions.com

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    Tally's main product is its Enterprise Resource Planning Software called Tally.ERP 9 with single user and multi-user licences. For large organisations with many branches, Tally.Server 9 is offered. The software handles accounting, inventory management, tax management, payroll etc.

    Tally Knowledge gives 1000's of opportunities to freshers as well as experienced candidates. To flowerish your career learn tally from the top Institutes like http://www.logicindia.net/course/tally-erp9-accoun... , and become a Accountant Expert/Tally Professional.

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    Tally software is one of the best for Business solutions in 100 country in the world.

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    Tally is an accounting software which is widely used in India by small & middle class business houses for user friendly to any person having some knowledge on accounts & computer operation. The latest version Tally 9 gives more features to get desired result out of usage of this package. For mor detailes interested person may visit http://www.tallysolutions.com/tally 9feta...

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    What Is Tally

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    It is an accounting & inventory software, u can maintain any kind of business in this software. Its lateste version is 9. To know more u can see www.tallysolutions.com

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    Tally is mainly used to backup our data or report and restore at any other system

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