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whats a good topic to write about in my school newspaper editorial page....?

anyone have any ideas

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    teddy geiger

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    you could write a dear aby kind of thing where they ask the question and you give advice. can you put a box somewhere where they can put their questions in it and you don't know who they are. they may ask questions like my boyfriend keeps hitting me what can i do. the kids may really open up to you and this could really lead into something big. a man once wrote an artical in a paper that said write to me your deepest secrete and people started admitting to all kinds of stuff. He never knew who they were. But they would talk about things that had happened to them or things that they wanted to do. you never know some kid could open up about something really big and you could help stop it with your advice.

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    Since its the end of the year, why dont u just recap all the event that happened at ur school (or at ur place - country) all thru this 2006?..

    Or write about sumthing new (ie. event, policy) that happen near you.

    Source(s): journ masters student
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    Eating disorders (especially the growing number of males that develop/have them)


    Global warming

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    You should investigate the schools finical records to see if they are spending their money properly

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