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Besides living in New York City?

Are there any cities on the outskirts like:Rochester,Niagra Falls, or Glenn Falls that have less expensive living conditions.

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    Yes, all three of those places are much cheaper than NYC but you're talking about upstate NY which is like another planet. Rochester and Niagara Falls are 6 and 7 hours away. Glens Falls is a little closer but it's still 3 1/2 to 4 hours north.

    There are hundreds if other cities/towns that are closer than that to NYC and are less expensive. Any town in the entire state of CT, Northern NJ, parts of PA like Philadelphia, parts of Rhode Island, and most of Massachusetts west of Boston and southern Vermont are closer to NYC than Rochester, Niagara Falls and Glens Falls. You've got to narrow it down a little more than that.

    If you really want to live in NY state, pretty much anything north of Westchester and Rockland County is going to be significantly cheaper than NYC. If you're looking to be close to NYC, it's easier to start looking in NJ at that point because it's closer than most of the other counties in NY. But, northern NJ and southwestern CT (Fairfield County) can be very expensive but there are still areas that are cheaper than living directly in NYC.

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    There are 3 that i appreciate-Portland, Oregon, Olympia, Wa and Seattle, Wa in that order. they are all very professional-energetic in recycling, environmental features, and protecting peace & happiness that you word in the agencies in the course of the area. also the encompassing suburbs are non violent and gorgeous !

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