I'd like to further study international politics in the US: I'm lin California.?

I have 3 years of the Bachelor's degree behind me and I want desperately to complete it. Is some sort of credit transfer possible between the Universtiy of Cape Town in South Africa and here?

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    Contact universities that offer international politics, international relations or a related field as a major. Inquire about their transfer policies and requirements. Most universities accept 3rd year transfer students, but not all of your credits may transfer. You may not need to present entrance exams such as SATs or ACTs, so the process should be relatively painless. You will need to apply for an I-20 to get a U.S. student visa. This will require that you present financial statements.

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    Start your preparations now. If it is not for visas, or grants, or applications, do some prep work so you can go into the good schools. Depending on where you are from, student visas can be pretty quick less than a month to more than 3 months. grants usually have their individual deadlines, you need to check which ones you intend on applying for. Same with application, each school has their own deadlines, and requirements, you need to check. Some school require you to submit an application form and fee, which takes 1-2hours to fill and mail. Some school require interviews, some require you to write an essay which can take up to 2 weeks. So as a start, for the preparation, get the information you need for the schools you wan to apply for. Then estimate how much time you need. Don't forget you need to take TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, GRE, whichever one applies. Those things take a couple of months... Do your homework and get the necessary info for what you want to do.

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