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How do I insert an image (jpg) into a posting on a group?

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    Host the image on a site like Yahoo Geocities or ImageShack. Then goto the page the photo appears and Copy and Paste the entire image (it should all turn blue). Then goto your e-mail and write an e-mail. Now paste the picture into the body of the e-mail (it should all show up here). Now send this e-mail to the group and it will appear on the group message board where everyone can view it.

    Sending the picture as an e-mail attachment will only show up to members who receive e-mail and not on the yahoo message board. Using the way listed above, images will always show up on the groups message board unless the moderator has the "Remove Attachments" setting turned on.

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    You can insert a picture when you write an e-mail to the group. Just know that images are not saved on the group's Yahoo web site, so it won't show up on the site itself.

    Source(s): I'm a group owner.
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