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I bought A sony vios laptop at a garage sale i need to know what kind of modem is in it?

I think it has 56K something?

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    Is there are on operating system installed on it? if you have windows xp, right click on "my computer" then left click "properties"-->hardware--> device manager. you should be able to see your type of modem installed but as already said, all standard modems are 56k.

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    Depends on teh age and model. if it is newer than like 8 years it has a built in 56K modem. Older than that and it may be 14k.

  • Alibi
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    56k is pretty standard. The brand doesn't really matter as Sony should have any drivers for it that you would need.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    download install run belarc advisor to detect hardware on your laptop

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