what is unique about the biosphere?

a. it's the only sphere that contains water b. it's the coldest of all spheres c. it's th only sphere that doean't support life.

d. the exist entirely within other spheres.

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    The biosphere refers to the area of Earth where life occurs. This is the surface of the planet, and the oceans, and the air around the Earth.

    There are also several other "spheres."

    The hydrosphere is comprised of all the bodies of water on Earth, and of the water vapor in Earth's atmosphere.

    The lithosphere is the solid portion of the Earth, which contains the crust and part of the mantle.

    The atmosphere consists of the gasses that surround our planet.

    We can eliminate choice A, since it is not true that the biosphere does not contain water. All bodies of water are considered to be part of the biosphere, since water contains life.

    We can eliminate choice C, since the definition of the biosphere is the area of the Earth that supports life.

    Choice D is correct. The biosphere is made up of the hydrosphere (much life exists in the oceans, our lakes, rivers, and streams). The biosphere is also made up of the lithosphere (for example, earth worms live underground). The atmosphere is also part of the biosphere (birds reach relatively high elevations within the atmosphere).

    Choice B, therefore, is incorrect. Life thrives in rather warm temperatures, as opposed to rather cold ones, and the biosphere is known for supporting life.

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