Child tax break, does it promote large families?

I was poor growing up and I've known a lot of poor, large, families. Not that every poor family has a lot of kids. After all my parents only had my brother and I. But for those who do have large families I question their motive. Mostly because of one family I know. They really know how to work the system. 4 kids and one on the way, there would have been one more but it died of SIDs. The amount of money they make off the government is crazy! Which is their prime reason for having kids. Actually it's the only reason I can think since they pawn their kids off on other people and pay little attention to them. DSS has been involved many times and how they still have their kids is beyond me. Back to my point though. Do you think child tax breaks promotes having more kids? Should there be a limit on how many kids the break can cover?

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    i agree. i know people that keep having kids for the same work the system. and they are the worst parents...i think an iq exam, thorough background check and financial analysis should be done on people wanting to have kids. some should never have any. i mean you have to go through all that to adopt a kid, they should make it just as hard to have your own.

    i always thought that getting money for each kid was stupid. they should just give all kids regardless of parents income, free childcare and free healthcare and nothing else. that way the parents can go get a job during the day.

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    Not if they care about their children or do the math. Sure its nice to have a little pocket money to buy baby things, but you really buy most of it with the first child. So you will have a cot, child seat, high chair, clothes etc.already. Some, though, just love babys and love having and caring for them regardless of the money.

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    The child tax break isn't enough to make it worth having alot of kids, it might help buy school cloths and that's about it.

    Food stamps and welfare are a different story.

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