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Middle Eastern Men?

I have been talking to this guy for a while, and he wants to invite me to Egypt. I told him that I dont feel comfortable leaving my country, so he is going to try to make plans to come to Texas. He has seen pics of me and everything and he says that he wants to marry me, and he is willing to come to the US. I am honestly scared to meet up with some 1 even though we have chatted for months. He is 25 and he seems to be Americanized, but I dont want 2 make a mistake. I am not trying 2 sound mean, but I think that he really really wants to marry me bc he is a virgin, and he wants a wife so he can finally lose his virginity. Dont get me wrong, I am an attractive 19 yr old, but I dont want 2 get into a relationship where I have to cover my body. I feel that if I marry him he is going 2 take me 2 his country where I will have 2 live an ultra conservative lifestyle. He is from Egypt and a red flag also goes up bc he in interested in me for marriage and I am and african american woman.

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    Don't do it. Or rather, before you do anything, take the time to really get to know this guy in person. People can seem like anything they choose to online, because there's an unlimited amount of anonymity when you're sitting behind a computer. You can say ANYTHING you want.

    Also, you're still very young and have so much of your youth still ahead of you. My best advise to you would be to enjoy being young for as long as you can and don't rush into anything.

    Middle eastern culture is so DIFFERENT from anything you will experience in this country. The attitudes toward women are so diametrically opposed to those we enjoy in the US. It would be very difficult to go from enjoying what amounts to complete freedom to walking a certain distance behind your man and keeping your face covered. Also, keep in mind that if you were to marry this man and move to Egypt and start a family and things didn't work out, you would likely be forced to leave your children behind as women have little to no custodial rights over their children in that area of the world.

    Bottom line, think long and hard about it before you do ANYTHING and if something doesn't feel right, it probably isn't. Your instincts are you best tool when it comes to your heart and it sounds like they're already telling you that something isn't quite kosher about the guy from what you said.

    Good luck!

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    Do you love him in the first place? I think your conviction towards himis not so strong. I have known some women who became converts because they want that marriage.

    It's not about his being far or his ethnic background but your readiness to make sacrifices.

    Think of what you want to achieve in a marriage and if he fits into that picture.

    Besides, you are still very young. I can't blame you for feeling so concerned.

    And with regards to your fears of him bringing you to his country for good? All your worries will be gone if you let him provide the answers. TALK!

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    you know, it is hard to trust people form other parts of the world, because what if he want to marr you for american visa. and not because he likes you. that is another story. but i think egypt is a libral nation, and woman have all the rights. any how good luck!!

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    He is more likely to want to marry you so that he can move to the U.S. rather than to lose his virginity in my opinion. Although most arab males that I have known seem to think that Western women are easier.

    I don't think you should meet him if you are scared to as you say.

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    Okay if you really have teh slightest intelegence... Ud know what to do .. how will u marry him ... after chatting with him for a short period of time ? besides ... most arabian ppl are conservative and protective .. so i doubt he really means what he is saying .... Or maybe teh other reason he said that is to gain access to USA..

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    one you are an american women. 2 he wants to marry you have any idea how they treat there women?? think first

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