36 degree rake 21 inch front tire 0 downtube can i go 2over with a springer front end?

im trying too find out if i will still have reasonable trail my rear wheel if it matters is 16 inches

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You might want to draw up a picture of what you want: rake angle, length, tire/wheel size desired, triple tree offset. Draw a line thru your tree headstock down to the ground following the angle of the rake, then draw a vertical line down from the front wheel centerline to the ground also. The distance between the angled line (from the steering head) to the vertical line is your 'trail' and should be between 4-6 inches. More trail and it's a pig to steer (but goes straight forever), less trail is squirrely - but good for sidecar driving..

    (Instead of drawing a picture, take a digital photo, print it out, the draw the lines on that).

  • 4 years ago

    it surely relies upon on how the springer became set up. With present day oil in front forks. they're going to paintings extra suitable than a springer and are extra adjustable than a springer. My front end is like using on an air cusion, the right front end with oil set you my weight. the purpose of the front end isn't a glance, it extremely is how properly it works. you may fall unwell of the springer, it surely relies upon the way it rides on that bike, not something extra. "each bike handles separate to a different bike". you're able to experience in the past you purchase it, ask the broker in case you may arise and experience the bike first. a great variety of money, in case you finally end up hating the experience or the bike over all.

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