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Who do you think will be in the Stanley Cup playoff's and who will win the cup?

ANy hockey fans out there?

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    Montreal or Pittsburgh and Dallas or San Jose

    Let's not forget, it doesn't matter how many standings points you had at the end of the season. Whoever hits their stride at the right time is going to be competitive.

    If its Montreal and Dallas, I say Dallas wins.

    If its Montreal and San Jose, then Montreal will win.

    If its Pittsburgh and Dallas then I think Dallas will win.

    If its Pittsburgh and San Jose, then Pittsburgh.

    I think Dallas will have to hit their stride at the right time to make it to the finals, but if they do make it to the finals, I think they'll win.

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    As far as the final 4 teams go, I'm expecting to see Anaheim v. Nashville and Buffalo v. Montreal.

    If Nashville can have healthy, consistent goaltending during the 2nd half of the season, I could see them matching up with Buffalo in the Cup finals.

    Person preference has the Sabres coming out champions here, but it's become really hard to match East and West teams up since they're playing less.

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    Sabres are a good team to look at for a Stanley Cup winner but it IS super early and a lot could change. Minnesota looked good when they had a 100% healthy team but the playoffs don't have shoot-outs. So far, Barry Melrose is saying the Ducks are the team to win it all and I believe everything Barry Melrose says.

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    Buffalo had a very strong start, but they lost some steam. It really is too early to predict because injuries can easily plague a team at the wrong time. Right now, Anaheim has all of its gears working in the right direction, they have the best top-2 defencemen, a top goalie and good scoring.

    But I'm a Wings/Leafs fan, so I have to disregard everything I just said.

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    Heres the conference finals for both sides.

    East- Sabres vs. Thrashers

    Both teams are just dominate ones young the other just all around good

    On the West- Sharks vs. Ducks

    These two teams are just way too dominant they are both dominating the West...

    Finals- Sharks vs. Thrashers

    Both teams are very fast and this would be the perfect match Sharks would take this in 6 as they have a few more talented players overall

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    The Leafs? Are you serious? The Sabres are the most likely winner of this year's cup. What I would love to see is the Rangers play the Sabres in the Eastern Conference Finals.

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    San Jose over Detroit in the West.

    Buffalo over Atlanta in the East.

    San Jose in 7 ... Buffalo starts on the trail to be compared to the BILLLLS. ( 4 L's for each Super Bowl loss)

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    Anaheim over Buffalo in 5 games.

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    well in my division the rangers,islanders,and devils will be in the playoffs the rangers will beat the devils for payback from last year and will win the cup

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    it too hard to tell whos gonna make the playoffs but I think that the ducks vs. leafs wll make the final and the ducks win in 6 games

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