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windows christmas blues?

for the past 1 1/2, My husband and I have been on a shared network (2wire) under one xp license. My computer died so I got a new (used) one. It need a new hard-drive so I had one installed. It had xp pre-installed. I don't know why but I tried to install mine and my husbands xp but it would'nt let me. So now I'm on a 30 day grace period with 2 1/2 days and counting to go.I can't afford another xp @ this time. Is it possible to use the pre-installed xp that came w/ the H-drive? Also, I have a windows 95 OEM service release 2 w/ CD key . I don't think it's ever been used! What are my options? I told Microsoft and all they could say was "one license per person...bla,bla,bla ". Does anyone agree that it should be one license per family,network etc.? Any oppinions greatly appreciated! Thanks, Merry Christmas


funny,huh? Whats funny is ,I got the computer(Sony) for free @ a yard saleand the speakers kick a__! Not a total loss...lol

I do however still have the old hard-drive w/xp still on it. There was nothing wrong w/ the drive, just too much stuff on it. I need to free-up some room on the partitions!? or somthin?! As you can tell, I know TONS about computers..NOT

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    (1) use the Preinstalled windows xp. thats if you have not already installed your version over the top of it if you have thats a tough one...

    Why! suffer with microsoft license crap... did you not know that there are other windows opperating systems out there for free and all the software you'll ever need all for freee

    when you buy windows xp you get one cd and nothing else and it cost you $110.00 $120.00 depending on where you buy it from and all the other software you will need to buy, like ms office at $160.00 plus

    you could buy Novell (SLED 10) Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 for $59.99 and get 5 cd's, one cd is the operating system and the other 4 cd's are software programs, with every thing you'll ever need,

    or you can go to


    and download Suse Linux 10.2 and all the software for free and put one copy on as many computers as you like without needing a license.

    to see what some of the software is like

    go to......


    and download Openoffice 2 for free these are not demos it is the real thing. it is better than Microsoft office 2003

    and for a secure web broiwser goto

    www.mozilla.com and download Firefox 2, these are just two of the free software programs you can try out that comes with novell suse linux...

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    funny your pc died and u bought a new one that had a bad hdd - your pc that died prolly only needed a hdd. windows95 is so old

    but could work - GL

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