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How can I start my own website?

How can I get started? I hear about doing something with google that I get paid? Any info?

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    The Google thing you are thinking about is called Google AdSense. You display online advertisments and when someone clicks on one then you get paid (Anywhere from $0.00-$3+ per click)


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    The easiest way to get started with creating websites is by exploring the free options. Despite MySpace's limiting nature- it provides a great place to start and manipulate the code. Try starting up a MySpace page (dedicated to your testing), and browse Google for some templates (they're everywhere). See how the templates work and manipulate MySpaces default stylesheet.

    After you've done that, you may like to progress to something like Geocities or other free webpage services which place you in the drivers seat.

    As far as your 'getting paid' for your website is concerned. Google Adsense (as someone has already mentioned) is probably your best option. However, earning money this way can be incredibly drawn out, and is rarely effective, unless the site on which the advertisements are placed is well established and popular. In my opinion, before trying to earn money through creating websites, I'd learn how to create a website, then publicize it, and finally (if you really want to) offer advertisements on it yourself. You can make alot of money that way... if your website is really popular.

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    For simple websites, like personal, go to Geo Sites on Yahoo. You can also get your own domain and subscribe for a business website too under Yahoo Small Business.

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