ow much weight can a person and child have on their luggage for traveling on a plane?

the children's ages are 8,11,13

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    ages don't matter. Its the same for everyone. You need to look at which airline you're flying with. On their website will be a big section about luggage, what you can bring, weights, and so on. I know when I flew delta, and international it was 2 checked bags, no more than 50 pounds each, and then my carry-ons. but it also depends on destination...so check it out

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    Depending on the airline, each traveller including children is allowed 40 to 50 pounds in suitcases. Which means you can have 4 suitcases for yourself, however those 4 cannot exceed the 50 pounds in total weight. Therefore each child can have 50 pounds.

    Your carry- on has to have a certain size, they might check it but it won't get weighed.

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    Even children get 2 checked bags at 50 lbs a piece. Everyone is also allowed a carry-on and a backpack (or a bag that fits under the seat)

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    Each passenger is allowed two pieces of luggage max of 50lbs but any airline would be happy to transport your luggage over fifty pounds for a fee. I believe as long as you don't go over a hundred pounds. The numbers are all different if you are traveling internationally. They allow more weight.

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    it depends on the airline. I work for an airline.... on ours, everyone (no matter the age) is allowed 2 bags at 50 lbs. each. Anything 51-70 lbs is $20, anything 71-99 is $50, if it's 100+ lbs it's not allowed. But it really depends. Call the airline your booked with.

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    Check with your carrier as they all have specific weight limits. Up until all the changes in security, you could carry 2 bags and a carryon (not counting your purse. The checked bags had to be below 70# each, or you had to purchase a "ticket" for them.

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    i think each person is allowed 2 pieces of luggage 50 lbs each.... thats if you check them. if you want to carry on the size is what matters, not weight.

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    it would depend on the airline...check with them...but generally you are allowed 25kg per suitcase....each traveller allowed to have a suitcase each plus hand luggage...

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