is he controlling me?

my bf and I are together for 2 months..he loves me so much and he is being so serious with me,,he introduced mt to his parents and older brother and he was like, guys this is the girl that i want to marry! he's been asking me when can he meet my parents to talk to them about it..I am so happy coz i love him alot..

anyways, lately he's been asking me not to do this and that and when i do them he gets really angry then i ask him why didnt u tell me why i shouldnt be doing this and that he says i shouldnt know why i just have to obey!! like what i have done today! i went to his brother and gave him a small gift coz he graduated with a master bf asked me not to bring his bro anythin but his brother was helpoing me alot lately to make things work between my bf and me whenever we fight!! it hought it would be a nice thing to do!! and his mum loves me so much she keeps talkn about me all the time which made him nervous! he said am rushin things and am acting as if i was his wife!!

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    If you cant be free in your relationship he is controlling you. Just the fact that he is pushing for you two to get married after 2 months seems a little strange to me. It is almost like he wants to tie the knot before you work something about him out. Alarm bells went off when he said you cant even buy his brother a pressent. That is controlling and if you were just being nice then he has no right to do that to you. The other thing that is wierd is one minute he is telling you this is the girl he wants to marry and the next he is telling you you are rushing things. Im no doctor but does this boy have bipollar or split personality by any chance?

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    ok if he is telling you not to do this and that then it gives you an insight of what maridge would be like. Especially after 2 months. You need to stand up for yorself unless he is a woman beater or something like that where he locks u in places. If he does that you guys need help. I know my opinion doesnt really matter much but go with your gut and dont let him boss u around cuz if u do he will just get more and more controling and jealous which will only make it worse!!

    Good luck

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    Not even a wife should be treated like this. He is a freak and it will only get worse. Don't listen to whatever bullshit excuse he makes just leave and move on. If anyone asks tell them exactly what you said here. You are not a mindless slave you are an intelligent girl and don't deserve to be ordered around like a slave. Be glad you found out now it would have been harder later. Good luck!

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  • It sounds as if both of you have rushed things.

    SLOW down.

    He is the one who jumped started all this interaction into your relationship by bringing his family into your life, implying you are the girl he is going to marry, and whatnot. If he did not want all this interaction between the family and you, he should NOT have introduced you to them as he did.

    You've only been together for 2 months and if he is already controlling of your behavior now so, you're probably stepping into a really bad situation in your future by staying with him.

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    He is not just a control freak, he's paranoid as well.

    Maybe he doesn't have a good relationship with his family.

    It seems like he jealous of his brother when you give attention to him.

    And then he's jealous when his mom talks about you and not him.

    You can work it out by understand his feelings.

    Maybe he's too ego to admit that might be something wrong with him.

    I don't doubt about his love and affection to you but sometimes men can drive us crazy.

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    do you really even have to ask if he's controlling you?!!

    That's a major yes he is and he has no right to treat you like that ever. Sorry to say it will only get worse possible to the point of physical abuse.

    Get out now and find a guy that will let you be you and not treat you like his slave

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    if your having a lot of fights and u've only been together 2 months then i think you should think about this a little...i kno you love him but what is his problem...i've been with my bf for 3 years and we live together now...we both take responsibility for everything and always help eachother out...ur gunna fight every once ina while but this guy is acting like your his prison B****...i think you should have a talk with him b/c it is wayyyy too soon for him to be callin all the shots ...good luck

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    He sounds a little controlling. If u have to walk on eggshells around someone you love that's bad. It can only get worse, just watch how everything goes.

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    you only been dating for two months and he is already considering to marry you, if i were you i would dump him real soon cause that kind of jealousy and controlling is only going to get worse. if its this bad only after two months imagine how it will be a year from now you're going to be in a little cage

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    Yes he is trying to control you. Get out while you can. If talking to him about this only makes it worse, then trust me he will never change.

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