weather in taiwan : Dec 31 - early Jan?

Will be visiting Taiwan (Taipei) Dec 31 - first week of January. 1. What will weather be like there during that week and how thick should the jacket/coat be?

2. Does it rain a lot during this time of the year?


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    look here

    Climate Taiwan's climate is subtropical, and dramatically affected by summer monsoons.

    Summer high temperatures (June - August) reach into the high 80s, while winter lows seldom fall below 55º F, except in the higher elevations of the mountains, where snow is common in winter.

    The rainy season (June - September) brings significant amounts of precipitation, and during this time period, Western Pacific typhoons are a dependable yearly weather phenomenon.

    From November - February (even though considered the dry season), fog and drizzle are usually a part of the daily forecast.

    Not too thick but something that you know will keep you warm

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    This time of year in Taibei the weather gets colder (for Taiwan). The temperatures may range from 9-15 degrees C. Sometimes it will still get into the 20's. A good wind proof and water proof coat will be good. The thing is that it feels a lot colder then it really is because of the humidity is still upwards of 90%. It does rain, but not a good cleansing rain, but a continuous drizzle that gets every thing wet after a hour - and it just does not stop for very long. Umbrellas are cheap. If you are walking around all the time, it is colder, but not unbarable.

    Source(s): lived in Taibei for two years.
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    Hey, I'm in Taiwan now, and I think that the answer should depend on where you are from, and how cold would makes you think that it is cold.

    Taipei should be around 15 ~ 20C by then.

    Right in this very day, it's 13.8C,

    but weather changes.......

    I think that you should pack a jacket that's enough for you to survive in 12 C, just in case......

    but also a few t-shirts in case the temperature is 22C.......

    btw, ur jacket should be enough to endure strong wind.

    there r only snow on the mountains, and no typhoon in winter, as for rain, no one's sure.

    i suggest to bring an umbrella with u, or u can buy a cheap rain coat in 7-11 here.

    Source(s): Me
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    It is generally between 15C ~ 24 C during this period unless there is a cold moving in from the PRC.

    Tomorrow, Taipei temp is supposed to go down to 9C as the first cold front is moving in tonight.

    Check out this site a couple of day before you leave.

    English > 7 Day forcast> North Area

    A Lined Jacket or Windbreaker with layers of clothes, It is generally windy when it rains here..

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    It can get a bit cold, but it always feels worse than it is because the winters are so damp here. Also, the Pacific region is in the middle of an El Nino year, so expect a lot of rain (It's raining right now).

    Don't worry too much though, as basic clothes in Taiwan are fairly cheap, so you can always pick something up to add another layer or two.

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    Its about anywhere from 10-24 degrees c but high humidity, so it feels chilly around then.

    windproof/waterproof shell (goretex is ideal but any old windbreaker will do.)

    a warm sweater or fleece jacket underneath.

    a t-shirt.

    windproof pants can help a bit. but ordinary jeans or long pants are fine.

    A hat is ok if you dont have much hair.

    Source(s): I live in Taiwan
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    Humid and cool. See

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