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How is cheese manufactured?

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    An article about cheese making :

    An article about cheese making through the ages :

    An article about cheese production :

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    Cheese is made many different ways, depending on the type being produced. Whole milk is mixed with rennet, an enzyme, and left to sit. When the curds form at the top, they are cut and scooped out. The sheese is then salted or flavored and packed into a cheesecloth bag so that excess whey can drain off. The curds are then packed into a mould and left to age.

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    According to Good Eats, cheese is ALIVE!!! (maybe you can check an upcoming airing of the cheese episode -- see link below)

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    i just seen how it was made on a tv show yesterday. ok they have this big huge sing they pour milk in straight from cows in, then they mix this bacterium power in with it and they stir up up with a rake, then they wait until it hits like 70 degreese then pour some kind of liquid compound in with it, then they have to wait until it hits 92 degrees then they do it again, then they have to wait till it hits 114 degrees i think then thats when they have this minature harp looking tool to cut it and mix it up and put then into a cup and sqeeze the rest of the milk out and they put it in the pressure system over night, next step they just send it to the cutting section and cut it i guess it didnt get to how they fillet it

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    ...pasteurization processes

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