if you like a guy and he seems to not like you that way, ignore him??

i like this guy, he tells me the sweetest things and i think i may have done the inevitable of falling for him.

anyway sometimes he doesnt talk to me, in a chatty manner. i dont get it. i suppose if he doesnt tell you he loves you, you're a free agent.

it kinda hurts and it sucks to see and talk to him online yet its like "what you up to" "hows the weather" "i walked through a

snowstorm to mail you a letter" im kinda getting sick of it, honestly.

should i just kill off these feelings by dating various men who i dont even give a rats *** about?

should i ignore this man indefinitely? vwhenever i ask him stuff like are you mad at me, he would go and say no, and just be quiet for long periods of time. its really odd and viciously annoying.

i mean guys come on, if you really like a girl you will tell her you love her right? or tell her to make it official..


yes kiasister you got it right.. i never even noticed it, that i cant seem to get any real emotion out of him. he does flirt, and hes there for me when i need him, or need someone to talk to..

i am too old for this crap.

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    Well, I am not a guy, but I know that I had the same situation happen to me over the summer. I know he liked me but I couldn't get any emotion out of him, and so I walked away 3 months ago and haven't looked back.

    I'm too old for those games. Either you tell me how you feel or I will find someone who is mature enough to do so. It takes a REAL man to express true emotion.

    Source(s): Divorced and loving every minute of it
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    I know this one all to well. I can go on for many pages talking about this one. The best thing i found to do is give the person you love space. Don't put them out of your life but just start talking about the fun things you did or going to do. don't try to make the person jealous by saying I'm going out with this person and maybe this one, you don't want them to think, your just a player. The best way to get attention is be yourself, don't be insecure about yourself by asking whats wrong all the time, and if things get quiet to much or to often then find new or more interesting things to talk about. news jokes( being funny is always a big winner here) but most of all stay away from gossip he said she said. no one wants to be around someone that's going to take problems or share personal things with other people that might hurt someone. but if all those things don't work. just back away for now but don't ignore them completely unless they are being mean or rude. live life and enjoy the things it can offer you, sometimes meeting new people can give you open ideals or give you more insight in why people act the way they do.

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    Kick this man to the curb. He's totally playing you -- he loves the attention and you're just feeding him by prancing after him like a love-sick puppy.

    Best advice: block him from AIM and forget about him.

    Keep doing some "girl power" stuff -- like buy a new outfit, or get your hair done. Pamper yourself so that you feel better. And a new attitude will show confidence and that's something real quality guys are attracted to.

    Don't date an entourage of men; instead wait for that prince to come to you. They do exist. Just be patient. :)

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    It doesnt sound like he is that serious about you right now. Do you think that maybe he is confused about his feelings or maybe he has a girlfriend/wife and is just flirting with you online...

    It could be possible that you are rushing your feelings to soon for this person and doesnt sound like you know them that well.

    Id move on if I were you and spend time with people you know care about you that are friends or family members. Dont waste your time with people that you dont care about that is just gonna make you feel worse than how you feel now. take care and good luck.

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    i was in the same situation and i ended up with the raw end of the deal you got to protect your feelings because he certainly doesnt and you need to break out of this and find someone who feels the same dont let anyone have control of your feelings

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    get rid of him. good luck and happy holidays

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