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I'm in grade 5 and i need help. It's about boys....?

Okay the boys in my class like big....well boobs. Now I don't want BIG boobs, but I want a little bumps. NOTICABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So please help me is there potions or magic spells that make boobs grow? HELP!

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    Babe Im not gonna say your only 10 bc hey 10 year olds have feelings to and at 17 i still want to change things about me but do this for me K? Find something else like your hair or your another body part and make a big deal about it just change the usbject and when all else fails stuff but be careful nutten falls out and for your info my bestfriend is 17 and still doesnt fit into an a cup and im a d so this subject lasts until high school so try to overcomeit now

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    Most 5th grade boys only like big boobs because they think they are supposed to like big boobs. They're a bunch of boobs. Eventually, they will grow up and decide for themselves if they like 42DD or 32A. Every guy has his own preference to boob size, body size, butt size, leg length, hair color and even the shape of the ears.

    Be proud of what you have now and what you have in 50 years. This is the one thing females in general have a hard time with. They try to look like the starving super models. These models have the basic physique of a very tall little boy. It's not normal and in my opinion, not very womanly. Don't let other people define your appearance; your perfect body is how you turn out.

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    The boys in your class are immature clowns. Ignore them.

    You'll grow in time. There are no magic potions nor spells. You may start next year or so. I started growing boobs at 11.

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    Don't mind those boys. Unless you really like big boobs. Anyway, all boys like that when they're young - but when they grow up, they realize that there's something way much more attractive than boobs - that's PERSONALITY.

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    many girls want bigger boobs for that exact reason, to get boys attention. but boobs come with puberty. some girls are as young as 11 when they hit puberty but others dont get theres till they are about 13, 14, 15. but everyone gows through it. most girls with big boos wish they didnt have them because they cause alot of back strain and its not good. so just enjoy they time that you have now when you dont have them.

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    omg sweetheart ur not even supposed to be posting here----oh my god i dont believe im hearing this from a ten yr old! sweetie ur WAY tooooo young to be thinking forget tlking bout these things!!!!

    and also this is bad ok---ur not supposed to listen to guys and ur supposed to be flat in fifth grade u guys havent even gone thru puberty yet!! do u even kno what that is???

    omg god sweetie stay away from those nasty boys--do u kno how they will be when they r men----very bad!!! and if ur thinking like this now then what about when ur older---are u gonna let guys look at ur body like that??

    ur body is ur own personal thing ok? and ur body willl soon start to change--

    as u grow older thes changes happen---ur still a little girl even ifu dont like hearing this---

    plz dont think this way u shouldnnt be concerned about ur body and what guys think about it right now--

    wow u just made scared knowing a little grl can say something like that---there are no such things as magic potions

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    You have got to be kidding me. Forget about the boys what do you care about what they think! You like yourself just the way you are and don't concern yourself with your physical appearance. I'm sure you are a beautiful girl . You will have plenty of time when your older to get involved with boys.

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    You are probably about 10 or 11, right? Don't worry about your boobs, they will grow, and probably continue to do so into your twenties. Do not worry about it.

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    i think that you just have to wait till you reach puberty, or find other guys that care about your personality and not so much about big boobs

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    what size you will eventually become is determined by your genes. Theres nothing you can do to make them bigger. you could wear a padded bra though, and that will give the impression that you are larger. Implants may be an option when you are older.

    good luck

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