A 15-year olds theory on the Merovingians?

Well, I'm thinking,

they say that these kings were clairvoyant/psychic and also that they might of had Jesus' own sacred blood flowing through their veins (not to offend any religous views, just going by my own info and thoughts), if that were the case is it in any possible sense that

psychic's today could possibly be descendants of the Merovingians even if it is a very vague relation?

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    That is a very good mathematical probability. In fact, if the Merovingian line had at least ONE living heir when they lost the French throne, that one person could possibly have hundreds, if not thousands, of decendents living today.

    However, the "power" proposed by psychics could have been carried in other "non-sacred" bloodlines, as there have been "prophets", "seers", and "oracles" since about the dawn of time.

    The Merovingians' claim to decent from Jesus Christ is spurious. It was just a political ploy on the family's part, to give substance to their supposed "divine right to rule" France, if not the known world. Jesus Christ had no children. The Bible is quite frank about dealing with major character's family lives and weaknesses. Something THAT important would have been mentioned!

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    I don't know about psychics, but probably not.

    Josh Bernstein's show on the History Channel, Digging for The Truth, did a comparative DNA analysis to see if there were any common genetic markers between the Merovingian dynasty and the Jews of Migdol (also known as Magdalene). He got the jaw of a Merovingian queen from a crypt in France and obtained DNA from some live Migdol Jews in Israel (mouth swabs) and sent both to a DNA analyst.

    While the DNA was inconclusive because there was not enough DNA for TWO tests in the jawbone, what was evident with ONE DNA test was there were no common genetic markers that link the Merovingians with Jewish ancestry.

    I think it is a safe bet to say that the Merovingians have no relationship whatsoever to Jesus Christ or to Mary Magdalene.

    Source(s): Digging For The Truth, History Channel.
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    That would imply that only Europeans were psychic, but since no one has been proved to be psychic, it would be impossible to establish a shared genetic heritage for them as a group.

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