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I just thought of something about ocd.has anyone else thought of this or know if its possible ?

well with diabetes.people don't make enough insulin so they now manufacture insulin for people to take so they have the normal amount in them. Well if people with ocd, or depression, or anxiety disorers ect. don't have enough of a brain serotonin (which is a calming chemical so obviously these people don't have the normal amount or else they wouldn't be the way they are) why can't they do for serotonin what they did for insulin and give it to these people to boost t heir serotonin to normal levels ? or is this being done somehow already?

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    You are very intuitive my friend...that is exactly what they prescribe OCD patients...SSRI (Selective Serontonin Reuptake Inhibitors)...basically, this prevents the axon to suck up any excess serontonin produced and allows the dendrites more time to uptake as much serontonin as possible. I like how you compared mental illness to diabetes...that is a very good analogy. Lots of people consider mental illness as a matter of willpower, when in fact it has it's roots in biochemistry. Very good question.

    FYI...chemicals in our brain effect soooo much.

    Too much Dopamine = Schizophrenia (you can get the same effect by taking LSD)

    Too much Acetycholine = Parkinson's Disease

    Too little Acetylcholine = Alzheimer's

    Too much Norepinephrine = Hypomania (Bipolar disorder)

    Too little Serontonin = Depression, OCD

    Too little GABA = Anxiety (alcohol causes the release of GABA, hence the good feelings)

    Our brain is a very delicate organ that requires precise amounts of chemicals to function at the normal level...ahhh...I love physiology, I'm a nerd. ;oP

    Source(s): Nursing school-- mental health rotation
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    The problem is that serotonin and insulin do not work the same way. If some took a serotonin shot, it would be like shooting up heroin. Serotonin levels need to be regulated over time so that they slowly adjust to normal levels. Serotonin affects mood, and wild changes in its levels can make people suicidal.

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    #1, not all diabetic pancreases produce too little insulin. many produce enough insulin, but the cell receptors don't recognize it and allow it into the cells to lower the blood glucose levels, so it circulates free radical in the blood stream, outside of the cells.

    #2 there are medications that boost serotonin levels. there are also selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor drugs, such as paxil, zoloft, prozac, celexa, cymbalta, etc. ocd is more complicated than just the brain chemistry part of it.

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    Dr's. do prescribe serotonin to patients with OCD. At least mine does. There are some over the counter serotonin products as well.

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    Medication like Lexepro for depression and anxiety has serotonin in it.

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    I believe that they have,but in pill form it's called cymbalta it's suppose to be a serotonin booster. Only thing is takes a little time and it's a depression agent.

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    wow...ocd is not necessarily an obsession with god. ur retarded (no offense). insulin is made by the pancreas in the stomach. it is relatively easy to give the insulin to the has to inject into your side for it to be effective. i am entirely not sure about this but my guess is it would be *midly* dangerous to infect it into ur head. that may be completely wrong but im guessing. alos ocd is and obsession with anything. sometimes its motions, sometimes its words or both. my dad has it and he will often say the same word three times in a row. or if he goes to turn of a light he turns it on and off like 5 times. same with a doornob. turns it like 4 times. ocd does not usually happen with religion or love... that is usually referred to as stalking or mentally insane. sorry if i didnt help to much.

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    It has been tried. Last I heard, it had too many side-effects and could only be given to ppl who were in dire need. It's kind of like the former boxer with Parkinson's, Muhammed Ali, who needed to get a certain drug that stared with a "D" that I can't remember the name of at the moment. (If I remember I'll edit it in later).

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    That is the basic concept for all psychotropic medications designed to treat depression and OCD.

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