Is this verb present or present participle?

Opa enjoys hearing her grandmother's stories of the past.

Here enjoys is a verb. enjoys-present tense.

My teacher told me that hearing also a verb. But hearing= what's the tense, present or present participle?

And can you tell some websites where I can find information about parts of speech and corrects my answers?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    it's not verb, rather it is gerand

    the sentence could also be asid that

    Opa enjoys to hear her grandmother's stories of the past. here to hear is imperative, not verb

    Like give you another example.

    I like answering yahoo answers

    here like is the verb, not answering

    The same sentence could also be said as

    I like to answer yahoo answers.

    I do not know about a specific website on this, rather I suggest you follow a good english grammer book... british english .. their grammer is very good.

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